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What are excavator forging bucket teeth and forging bucket teeth advantage


Drop forging is a forging method that press heated round metal bar into the shape we need under the pressure of the mould .It will ensure the accuracy of dimensions and little machining allowance, no structure limit, high production efficiency. Genernal processes of drop forging are:mould developing-raw material cutting-heating material-forging-trimming cutting-heat treatment-shot blasting-machining-surface treatment-package,ect.Materials that can be applied in drop forging process can be stainless steel,alloy steel,carbon steel,copper and other forged materials.

Forging bucket teeth are abtained by putting pressure on the heated steel billet between the forging dies at high temperature, to make sure the material fullfill the forging bucket teeth dies, thus to achieve required teeth shape. Through forging process, the billet will be plastic deformed to obtain certain mechanical properties. After forging processing, the metal can improve its organizational structure and guarantee good mechanical performance, more wear-resistant and longer durable. 

the advantages of drop forging:

1)Best Raw Materia, alloy steel with different steel elements

2)Higher Production Efficiency. The metal deformation is proceeding in the mould chamber cavity, we can quickly obtain desired shapes.

3)Can obtain complex shaped parts, more reasonable metal flow line, guarantee metal mechanical properties, more wear-resistant and durable, longer working life, suitable for severe working environment.

4)Accurate dimensions, better surface, and smaller machining allowance.

5)Save raw material, reduce machining work, reduce the cost of spare parts, at last reduce the cost of replacement and maintainment of the machines.

6)Easier production operation, lower work force.