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How to choose the suitable bucket teeth for different excavators.


 When we choose suitable bucket teeth, the following items need to confirm first:

1. The part no.

    The machine model (which usually shown at the side of the machine)

    The ID tag (usually inside the driving room, or near to the swing arm, including information of manufacturer, weight, bucket capacity, production date etc).

2. Besides part no. and machine model, analyze from shape and assembling way:

   A: bucket teeth connected with adapter by screw

   B: bucket teeth separate from adapter (our forging bucket teeth are this type).

       Tooth point connected with adapter by pins, while the adapter is welded on the bucket.

        The separate type include:

        a. Lateral pin: side-block pin (CAT and Sany models) and middle-block pin (Komatsu, Doosan etc).

        b. Vertical pin: ESCO, and Hensly etc.

3. Teeth cavity: teeth hollow area that allow adapter to put in

    Teeth cavity dimension: inside horizontal width, vertical height, and depth.

4. According to the working condition: there are bucket teeth with normal type (earth moving), RC type (Rock Chisel), RE type, TL (mine-digging, ice-breaking) etc.

Our Guanzhuo Forging bucket teeth are well applied in Komatsu, Doosan, CAT, Volvo, Hitachi, and many other famous brand excavators, also we can customize according to your specific requirements.